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LOL! Ollie's starting to get excited like that when meeting new dogs, when we were at the beach a lady with a little toy dog stopped to talked to us about our dogs... LITERALLY we cannot go anywhere without being stopped, a fluffy shepherd puppy and a fluffy goldendoodle together gets a lot of attention! Anyways he really wanted to go meet this little dog and that dog did not want anything to do with him so Ollie started doing that excited bark... first time he's ever done that.

I guess a lot of the problem is this trail we frequent has tons of other people and dogs using it and well see above, we get stopped a lot and Ollie's been able to meet and greet with a lot of dogs so that's having a negative side of effect when he doesn't get to meet a dog. So I guess I need to practice more just walking by other dogs without stopping, will probably be easier when he's bigger, lol!

I can't believe people are already scared of Grim! I guess that's the problem with having a long coat GSD, nobody is intimidated by my little fluffball. Kudos to you for asking them to come pet him anyways, it would be hard for me too because I have anxiety issues and am super shy.

Too bad we don't live closer, I bet Grim and Ollie would have an absolute blast playing together. Ollie can settle really well in the house but when it's time to go I'm noticing more lately that he can go and go and go and go! And he loves playing ruff.

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