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Smile Interesting trip with Grim

I took Grim with me to go pick up my daughter from college for the winter break. I try to take him with me whenever I can. He now rides really well (in his kennel which is strapped down) in the truck. It was a long ride both ways. We got to the school before it was dark. I took him out of the truck to potty... and he was SOOOO full of energy!! Like a kid hopped up on soda and chocolate, LOL! He was running all over (on lead) going in circles, grabbing the lead and barking on and off. Not at anyone.... just to the wind I guess because he was so excited! I kept on telling him to go potty, but he had to get some of his energy out first. A guy walked by, and Grim started barking at him. Not his serious bark, though. I told him to stop expecting everyone to pet him! Well, the guy turned around to look and he looked at me like "Is your dog barking at ME?" and I told the guy that I'd really appreciate it if he'd pet my pup. He wasn't barking to be mean, he just wanted attention. The guy came back and gave Grim some pets. Grim was a happy, happy boy! I FINALLY got him to potty, and he was still barking at the air and being stupid excited. So we walked down by the buildings, and a couple young guys came out of one of them. Grim started barking and jumping around like a fool. They looked at him, and started to walk (quickly) away. So I called out "Hey! Would you guys please pet my pup?" and they stopped and looked at us and then each other. Kind of like "you do it!" I told them that he was only barking and jumping around like an idiot because he wanted their attention. I explained that I was wanting to socialize him with strangers, and that he wouldn't bite them. So they came back and started petting him. Again, Grim was a happy, happy boy! We talked a little, and the guys admitted they thought he wanted to eat them. I explained that I knew his 'danger' bark, and this was his "I want your attention" bark. He was so happy to not only be out of the truck for a bit, but to get attention! He's totally shameless!! He's also making me act like a freak asking people to please pet him, LOL! He was great again on the trip back. He's happy to see my daughter again, too. I usually don't talk to strangers at all. However, I want Grim to know what is normal behavior in strangers so he can tell what isn't. I know that very soon he will become aloof to strangers, so I'm trying to enjoy him wanting their attention! So I guess me acting like a fool now will pay off later!
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