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Help with Puppy Feeding

We got our 3 mo old GSD a week ago Tues from the breeder. It was very hectic when I picked him up and forgot to ask what food he had been feeding him, I had bought the Blue puppy food and started him on that. I did expect a few days of loose stools b/c of the change but they got better 2 days later. Friday he had his 2nd vaccinations and starting the next day started having very loose stools. I gave him rice mixed in with a little bit of the Blue and it got better....Monday loose stools started up again. I took a stool sample to the vet and it was OK. They put him on 3 days of canned Purina Veterinary diets EN along with Fortiflora. Stools are a little better but still on the loose side. They said after tomorrow I could switch him back to the Blue (for some reason the vet does not like Blue) or switch him to Purina Pro Plan. I don't know what to do. I don't want to play "musical dog food" but need to make a decision tomorrow. The breeder had him on Acana. Between the Blue, Acana and Pro Plan I am not sure what to do....and this time I will slowly start him. The reason I through the Pro Plan into the mix was because he has been on the prescription Purina for a few days and I figured the change would be easier. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much

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