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question for experienced helpers

It is very difficult to find an experienced helper, a helper that can read a dog and one that can recognize a serious dog vs a sport dog. I have a helper who is very knowledgeable about sport dogs but lacks experience with a real serious dog. He has altered his approach with my dog because of input from a seminar we attended and the results are great. I never need to use a whip, or a prong, present a real threat and you get a long deep hard biteand a serious response. She is not equipment oriented, her focus is on the man. So here is my question why does the dog need to run around the field with the sleeve? Next question what is the purpose of the cradle of the dog when she has the sleeve, is it necessary.
My dog will bite the sleeve run for a short distance turn spit the sleeve and keep her eye on the man. The same will occur when I try to cradel her when she has the sleeve never takes her eye off the man. Her outs are clean and she is very clear headed.
I would like to understand the reasoning behind these 2 exercises and the implications for shutzhound. We are presently working on IPO1.
Thanks inadvance for your input.
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