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No, it was a cloth glove. She snagged it and went running for the door earlier. I had to catch her and relieve her of it. Every now and again, they keep me jumping.

Like I can give them a toy and they will play with it, and usually disembowel it pretty quick. Joy is the worst, she steals toys form the other, drags them through the kennel fencing and disembowels them with rapid efficiency. But I have a bear in my room, that puppy after puppy after puppy have taken but have never tried to disembowel it. They know it is mine so they will take it off the desk and take it to their bed. And then I will go looking for it, and say MINE! and they grin like they just let me know how close it came to being toast.

She was just trying to repeat her earlier game of snag my glove and run.

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