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I'm still waiting for that transformation to happen with Jazz, who is currently 13 months. She's part of the way there and has been for quite a while. She can be very affectionate and sweet. She'll sit still and maintain eye contact, trade kisses and bask in the affection and attention, but she still has that crazy excitable puppy side too. When she knows we are going out to play, when she hasn't seen me all day and I walk in the door or let her out of her crate she's still a crazy nut ... jumping, nose nibbling, you name the excited puppy behavior, it's still there.

She's getting better and is starting to learn a bit more control, but we're not quite there yet. Still, I have a feeling that relatively soon she'll have grown out of it ... and I also have a feeling that when she does I'm going to miss it a little bit.
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