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Acts out for my attention

My fiance and I have a beautiful, pure bred 10-month-old GSD who has been with us since he was 8 weeks old. He is incredibly smart and has been easy to train, but he has become MUCH more attached and affectionate with me than my fiance, Mike. The issue is that when Koby isn't receiving my full attention, he acts out by taking laundry out of a tall laundry basket and carrying around the house, or taking things out of the garbage, or by nipping at my butt, thighs or anything else. He does not hurt me but my correction methods haven't fully worked yet and Mike is not having the same problem. I tried ignoring it, as bad attention is still attention; I've tried putting him in his cage to punish him so he can't have my attention; I've used a stern "no" and a combination of all of these but nothing is working. He does this typically when I am brushing my teeth or putting makeup on, washing dishes or working on my computer.

As he is our first, but definitely not our last GSD, I don't know if this is normal puppy behavior he will eventually grow out of or not. I would love any advice! Thanks!
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