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*Kongs: They love to chew them and when it bounces, it flies everywhere... drives them crazy!

*Nylabones: I have heavy chewers. Gives us peace while watching TV or cooking/eating. It's our "quiet time" toys. No one fights over each others, no one is running around, no squeakers... they just lay down and chew.

*Stuffing-less fox and raccoon toys (the ones that were on TV commercials.) and our stuffing-less dragon from PetSmart: They LOVE to play tug with these! They also love the squeaker in them. It's also their "cuddle" toys.

*and this thing.... definitely takes the top for mine:

Treat Dispensing Chew Ball | Starmark

They can chew it, fetch it, play in water with it, go crazy with trying to get treats from it... etc. This toy is the best! My dogs all play with it for hours. I also love it, because it never stinks (always smells like vanilla) and it cleans easily. We all love this one!

This house wouldn't stay sane without these toys.

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