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Smile Whats your dogs favorite toy?

I want to get Chief some new toys and I am curious as to what your dogs favorite toys are. I am more interesting in more of interactive toys not a tennis ball or jolly ball. Chief would like the jolly ball and chief like the tennis ball on a rope playing tug with it.

So far Chiefs favorite toy is the everlasting treat ball. The treat will last a few days. I recently found out that you can put the treat in upside down and it make it more of a challenge for them to get it out I will be trying that next. Yesterday I bought a Kong wobbler I had never bought it before because I didn't think he would like it nor be able to figure it out well I was Oh so wrong he absolutely adores it knocking it across the kitchen floor like crazy. He seems to get more tired from toys than actual walking. I could walk/run for 3 hours and i have and he gets tired, but not by much. I think he needs more mental exercise than phyical to tire him out.

I also have a classic Kong with he likes with peanut butter, but he gets it out quick I froze it once thinking it would last longer it did, but he wouldn't touch it I don't think he liked the cold of it.

I have thought about the iq ball, but I think he would break that he is a super strong cheer. The everlasting treat ball is amazing he has chewed it like crazy sometime just carrying it around with no treat in it and he hasn't made a scratch. The Kong wobbler has some scratches, but it's so huge he can't break it plus the slobbed makes it slippery.

So what are your dogs favorite toys and why?

R.I.P- Smokey my GSD/Husky. You are my hero, my heart, my soul and you will forever remain in my heart. You were a true companion. I love You and miss You so much. Run like the wind!!

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