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It's been a while...(need homemade dog food receipes for a senior dog)

I haven't been on the site in ages...just living life with the 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 kids and my spouse I guess.

My GSD is now nearly 10 and has suddenly developed occasional diarrhea especially at night, with his kibble (that he's eaten well for years). We tried a variety of foods over the years and most of the "best" foods he's had trouble with--even with a gradual transition--so we settled on what we've been feeding him since he actually ate it happily until recently.

The trip to the vet indicated that the vet thinks it's an age related change, or the manufacturer changed an ingredient that we didn't notice.

I've about had it with manufactured food. I'm not interested in feeding raw diet, but am searching for ideas on homemade dog food. If anyone has some good directions to point me, please let me know. The past several weeks it's been brown rice with either browned ground beef (grass-fed, what we eat), browned ground elk, or cooked chicken chunks. He swarms to eat it, loves it, goes searching for more, and no messes in the night. The minute we start reintroducing "real" food, he starts having trouble in the night again.

The vet said that we should try some other food (potato duck Royal Canin is what he sent home with us) and that we'd go from there. But I really am not certain that any dry food is going to be something he wants to eat.

So yeah, I'd love some "feed"back.

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