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I need to forward stuff like this to my wife... I am a federal correctional officer and I deal with thousands of inmates on a daily basis who have ties and ability to contact the outside world. I conceal carry everywhere I go for EXACTLY this type reason! I am trained and qualified to use my weapon if needed. She always says "UGH do you really need to bring that in _________" could be mall movies church or just about anywhere else we go. But I have read stories of mall shootings, like this one, movies like in Aurora CO, and Church (which is typically the most controversial) there was a shooting in TN where a guy brought a shotgun into a church and started blasting away which WOULD NOT have gone as far as it did if it were my church... I know there are other Law Enforcement guys on here and military that would agree with me, you just never know in this society... am i paranoid or do ya'll carry everywhere too?
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