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Protective at own home or fearful?

Hello Alll!

Backstory - We got Axel from the Women's Prison where they do a theraputic dog training program. He was timid at the beginning and only wanted to hide. We have had him for four weeks now and he has very much come out of his shell! We take him everywhere and with a pinch collar is well behaved in social situations or is happy to be in the car waiting.

The problem is when someone comes over to our home. He barks and has recently been becoming more aggressive as the number of visitors increases. He won't listen to us or even pay attention to us. He isnt outwardly social out of the home, which I've read is common in GSD's. Its ONLY when people, even ones he is familiar with, come into our home or even pull up outside our house.

He is our first GSD and need help with this situation. We love him dearly but love our friends as well. Should we go to classes? Get a trainer? (He was trained when we got him from the prison) Give our friends treats to give him when they come over? We are at a loss.

Any help would be appreciated!
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