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How to break chase/kill instinct with cattle, etc.

Our 3 year old male/intact GSD lives at my parents farm/ranch. He was bullied by an australian cattledog for about a year, until one day the cattledog growled at my dad and our GSD "defended" my dad and went on the cattledog almost killing him. Since that day our GSD was the dominant dog. The cattledog would spend his days locked in the barn and his nights out. If they were together they would fight. The GSD and another GSD sleep 2gether in a large kennel in the barn at night. Acouple nights ago our GSD killed the cattledog through a small hole in the the cattledog was obviously taunting him. Anyway, the very next day our GSD went out and took down a large cow. My dad called him off when he found them, but the gsd immediately went after the other cows. He knew he was in big trouble and ran away, but did come to dad when called after awhile. My dad says he can not trust him anymore. Our gsd knows he's not supposed to bother the cattle. He goes out with dad everyday to work the cows, but after all this time still wants to chase them and not heard. I told my dad he needs to keep him tied up or in the kennel if he's not out with him and to set up training time with him, w/ a leash out with the cows and correct him everytime he shows a chasing look. Dad says he already hollers at him when he goes to chase and the dog knows it's wrong. My dad LOVES this dog but feels he can't trust him to be loose around the farm w/out him, and doesn't want him tied up alot. This dog is a sweet big baby and a great watchdog. Very territorial. When we lived in the country, in another state, this GSD got into killing our chickens. He knew it was wrong, we gave him training with the chickens, thought he was doing good, trusted him and then he killed them all. He didn't eat them, just killed them. My dad is used to having cow dogs around and not having to do alot of special training with them. He's ready to get rid of this dog over this. We live in town now and can't keep him here- we have a small fenced in back yard, but he would have to be tied up outside bc he can escape almost anything...even a chain. Our house it tiny and he would not be happy in it, I don't think. If their was a way to keep him happy in town with us, I'd be willing to try it. We're planning on getting a treadmill he could run on, but I don't know if excercise and love would be enough. I think he would miss all the farm/outside stimulation. I have 2 small children and wouldn't beable to spend all my time with him and training with him. I'm sorry this is long. I hope someone can give me their thoughts. We LOVE this doggy and I don't want him to suffer bc of our lack of knowing how to fix this issue.
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