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Question Telling children apart from adults?

Its been said many times that a GSD who barks at children or shows any aggression towards children must have an undesirable temperament which made me wonder, what criteria is a GSD expected to use to determine all children from adults? What is the "cut off" point in which a GSD is supposed to consider someone an adult, considering they can't ask for ID?

For example, Balen has never barked at kids, except the next door neighbors but I still think he was directing his barking towards the adults that were present, and not the kids but other than that he has never barked at the kids in the neighborhood. He does, however, bark at the older teenagers that live across the street and I dont mind that as they are usually rowdy and up to no good anyway. I do not consider them "kids" either. So how does he know?

What do you expect of your GSD and how do you expect them to determine children from adults?
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