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Default How about some doggy psychobabble

So I throw the ball with Beau twice a day among other things. We only play tug and "two ball" as a reward for his cadaver work or for obedience, and the ball in the backyard is with one kong on a is at a much lower intensity than his reward play.

With the toy for cadaver work he either pushes it at me to play tug or drops it for retrieve if he sees the second ball. Extremely high energy and engagement.

With the ONE ball for some excercise...... he ONLY drops it if I say out, does not push it at me, but if I don't say "out" he teases me with it (shaking it, holding it, looking at me while holding it, etc.) at a distance (within reach, maybe 2-3 feet). Sometimes I have to take it from him because he does not want to let go. Game over then.

I am not looking for advice on how to fix -- don't really think its a problem-- just curious what is going on between those radar ears. He is 17 months.

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