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GSD Varieties/ thoughts

I read that there are different types of German Shepherds and the difference lies in their physical built. There are East GSDs and West GSDs. The East ones have longer hind legs and were used more as working dogs, in comparison to the ones from the West of Germany which were used more as show dogs, and who had shorter hind legs and so, stood in a slanting position.

According to the article, the colours can also vary from complete black to bi- coloured etc, all the way to complete golden and these can also be used in shows.

I have no idea how true all this is but it would be nice to hear other people's opinions

The other thing I wanted to write about is Pedigreed/ pure/ non-pedigreed. As I see it, every dog has come from some lineage and unless its a cross, how come it's not called pedigreed. My GSD is, as I was told 'pure, but not pedigreed'. Could someone explain please?
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