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Default New Ollie pictures!

Finally got some decent-ish pictures of the little bugger! He always strikes a cute pose, I point the camera and then when I hit the button he turns his head and I end up with a blurry mess.

We took him for his second beach trip today and he actually went in the water this time! Like a true younger brother, he wanted to do everything his older brother Sam does and Sam loves going in the water.

And of course the few good pics I get of him he's all wet and sandy LOL... Oh well. Needless to say he also got his first bath today!

Untitled (2012-11-11 02:17:22) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-11-11 02:26:18) by snowypony, on Flickr

Untitled (2012-11-11 02:25:43) by snowypony, on Flickr

I also found some older pictures I'd forgotten about of him at 8 weeks.

Him passed out next to his older little brother Bruiser the Pom

Untitled (2012-09-29 00:07:45) by snowypony, on Flickr

And him zonked out again LOL

Untitled (2012-09-28 23:46:41) by snowypony, on Flickr

And I got some video of him at the beach and made another little video.

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