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Back years ago, Nutro was a pretty good food, and I used to suggest it to puppy buyers. Then the menu foods recall came about and my dogs got sick.

I found Canidae and got totally sucked in, and used to suggest that. Then they changed their formula and manufacturer and my dogs did not do so well on it anymore.

Then I went to Kumpi and used to give out her propaganda packages, but did not suggest it. My dogs did not get sick exactly, but I think that since I have switched they are doing better.

I don't even encourage people to feed a certain thing anymore. I give them a bag of food usually and tell them what it is. But I keep out of what they feed their dogs. If they ask, I will tell them why I feed what I feed.

But I have found that people often have a food they are sold on. Others will buy what their vets recommend. And others will buy the brands that have the best large-scale marketing. If you encourage or offer the information, chances are they will not feed what you suggest. If you wait until they ask, then the chances are much better that they will accept what you have to say.

I always have several brands on the tip of my tongue that I will suggest if they ask. X is good food, Y is good food, I like the ingredients in Z. etc.

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