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Suggesting Food To Dog's New Family-Drawing The Line?

Two of our rescue dogs are going to new homes this week,and while I am thrilled that these two are getting adopted,I'm also a little disappointed because of the food choice the family has made. I feed the rescue dogs Acana or Orijen,and always recommend this food. The dogs dog really well on these foods and look amazing on them.Most of the families will either keep the dogs on the food or find something similar.These two families both feed Science Diet though. Everything has checked out with the references and so forth, and I'm not going to be cynical and not approve them over food. I guess this post is more of a rant about the food choice,but at the same time I am glad they found a home.I guess you have to draw the line with your personal preferences sometimes,as long as it won't be detrimental to the dog.
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