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Poor old dog

I'm not sure where to post this, could go in "preparing to say goodbye" or "senior dogs" or "health issues".

My poor German Shepherd, technically my parents, Aries, is 8 or 9 years old. For some reason we have bonded very well, and even though I don't live with her anymore, that bond persists and is very strong. Unfortunately, she has joint issues, which have been getting progressively worse.

Recently, she tore her ACL, and now has a cast. The cast I personally don't think is working, her foot looks swollen and the cast is bending a little bit. She has always been a picky/poor eater, but lately she has been going on food strikes, not eating for several days at a time. But when I visit, her spirits are always high, and she still wants to run around.

She is the first GSD I've ever really known, and I've never been so close to any pet, and felt that connection, and is the reason why I got a GSD for myself, and just fallen in love with GSD's in general.

I don't really know where I'm going with this... I just dread the day......
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