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True, I just thought that protecting and resource guarding weren't all together very different but Sam does love this pup a whole lot and at first Ollie was a little timid so maybe Sam picked up on that and went into guard mode.

The problem is he snapped at and scared the other puppy and I KNOW that he will bite that's why I got him out of there right away. He has bitten Ollie a couple times over a resource. We try and manage as best we can but we can't always predict what he will decide to guard... He snapped at my chi mix over a tiny piece of cardboard he found on the floor once. Occasionally he will guard the water dish too and I can't exactly not keep water down. So that's kind of where I'm wondering if a trainer or behaviorist could help.

He's ok at the park as long as there are no toys involved, that's one reason we rarely take him and only when it's either empty or very few dogs. The park was pretty deserted today and when he growled at the other dog we moved to the other side which was empty. But he's not going anymore, it's just too much of a risk... I guess it'll just be Ollie who gets to have fun off leash. :/

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