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Unhappy (Sigh) My older dog is resource guarding my GSD pup

So we took our golden and our GSD pup for some off leash play with a few other dogs today(two were puppies of similar age to Ollie). It was the first time for Ollie playing with new dogs off leash, he was a little shy at first then got in the swing of things and started playing with one of the puppies.

Now our golden resource guards toys and food from other dogs but we've never had a problem with him "protecting" one of our other dogs before. Anytime another dog came near Ollie the golden would stop what he was doing and would butt in on the other dog and Ollie. He growled at one dog trying to play with Ollie and he snapped at another dog Ollie was just sniffing and hanging around, this dog was a puppy and wasn't doing anything wrong.

This all happened within the time frame of 10 minutes so we wern't just sitting back and watching it happen. I guess I am a complete idiot for not expecting my golden to react this way but he's never done this before... After he snapped at the other puppy we left right away and don't plan to ever bring him back.

I am just so depressed because we worked so hard at socializing Sam(the golden), he's been around tons of dogs, had multiple training classes and I'm just beyond frustrated with his aggression. He was a rescue probably from a backyard breeder so I guess maybe its just poor breeding and a temperament flaw?

Everyone I've tried to ask for help and advice with this either doesn't really help or says this is something that can't be helped and its all management. I do NILIF with him also but it doesn't seem to be helping any.

I'm just sad at the prospect that he'll never be able to run and be off leash around other dogs. It's very densely populated here and there's only one place we can safely take him but its two hours drive each way and gets ungodly hot in the summer so we can only go during the "colder" months.

Anyways I'm very sad and just needed to vent... There is the option of a private trainer but even with that I don't think I'll ever be able to trust him and I can't in good conscious re-home him with these issues. If I lived out in the country with land it wouldn't matter, I just don't have that luxury here.

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