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Thanks for the responses so far. Yes, I purposely left out any identifying information so as not to make accusations. I am hoping that they are just not very organized, as everything I am finding really doesn't look good for us. Everything I read says NEVER ever pay for the dog until you have the documents.

This lady is very nice, really cares about the dogs, but just seems like she's a little all over the place. I hope that means she's just unorganized with the docs. The pedigree databases that someone like us would have access too don't show the pup registered. The father and the grandfather are in there though. At least the dogs she told us the puppy came from are listed anyhow. I guess you never know which dogs bred with who unless you actually watch the whole process of them mating.

She also said that she wants to use my dog to breed later, and I have intentions of showing him, or she wouldn't be able to breed him. They had another litter of puppies there too. Our dog was a singleton from a first time bred dam.

I hope I'm wrong. Something just feels weird about this, given that everyone says that a legitimate breeder would send you home with all the docs on the day of purchase.

Thank you for all the responses.
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