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I told Karlo's breeder early on that I didn't want a black pup. I wanted a sable. So if there were only black males in the litter I'd pass...and possibly lose the deposit.
I had a black dog previously and had my heart set on a sable.
I would have waited for another litter if there were no sable males.
Only two males were born~ all pups were sable! But I still didn't know for certain a pup would be for me until the temperament test at 7 weeks.
In hindsight, I know I'd kick myself for passing up a black male pup from that breeding.
I lucked out, getting a sable male, my dream dog!
If you have your heart set on a certain color, and know what the breeder is producing, waiting for just the right pup is not a bad thing at all! At the time I was researching getting a pup, Spartanville was the other breeder I was going to go with, but decided I didn't want all DDR lines.
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