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Default Is it wrong to pick a dog due to color?

I know that color should be very low on the list when puppy shopping. First should be health, temperament, lines, etc...

I know what I feel a german shepherd should be, I've done my research, I've picked working lines, I've basically given the breeder free choice to place a puppy with me. My only requirement, I want a male. I told her otherwise, you give me the puppy you think will be best for my situation. (Spartanville, BTW).

I was second pick male on a breeding that sadly did not take, ok I'm willing to wait for the right pup. I've been put on hold for another breeding, but there's already 3 ahead of me so now I'm 4th pick male. Once again, I'm confident with what she's producing. I don't need top sport or working pick, I want a companion animal. A pet. 4th pick fine with me. But I was talking to a friend that breeds, and I was telling him that it's scaring me to be 4th pick because I REALLY REALLY want a sable, not a black or a bicolor.

Now he's giving me crap for buying a dog because of color, but in this situation is that really so bad? Why can't I have the whole package? Black dogs can be beautiful, but I'm not personally a huge fan of them. I've had my heart set on a great working line sable for years, is maybe passing up a pup for another litter wrong because of color?

When I got Zeke, I REALLY wanted a black and tan saddle. As he grew, obviously that didn't happen and now he's an extended saddle. Not what I wanted in color, but I love him and think he's gorgeous. So at the end of the day, no I would not HATE a black pup, I would love the pup and love how he looked regardless.
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