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If I was a dog groomer, and I was afraid of a specific dog breed, like an Akita or a Cane Corso, it would be much better for me to not accept them, then to try and work on them and possibly have a serious accident. I mean, I think we have all seen people try to bravely pet our dogs when they are scared of them. They offer a hand and then jerk it back because they are scared. And the dog is a lot more likely to bite a fearful person.

And, if I was a dog groomer for a number of years, but do not have the proper equipment to lift large dogs, 200 pound dogs, I think I would probably put a restriction on dogs above a certain weight. Groomers, especially if they have their own shop, may not have decent health insurance, and getting a serious injury might cause you to lose time and clients as well as pain and suffering. So I can understand it.

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