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It is frustrating...been there!

My advice....more exercise and mental stimulation. My boy was less likely to be a rascal if he was tired.

If you can't have two eyes on her, crate her or tether her to your belt loop.

Don't leave all her toys laying around. I always put them away and give them, it's like it's a new toy everytime and it kept him occupied longer.

Like you mentioned free roam of the house is a goal...still can be but she's no where near ready. My boy will be 3 in March and he's still crated when we are not home, he's ok at night out of his crate. I would imagine he would get "busy" if we were not home...not taking my chances! lol He likes his crate and accepts it as down time which is perfect.

Also, keep redirecting like you are. frustrating as it is, when they destroy our stuff it's our fault for not having two eyes on them
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