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We are going through similar with our Jake ... he only jumps when he is excited when someone comes home. We are currently working with a private trainer using positive reinforcement / clicker training to resolve this issue plus a few others.

First off, you need to try your best to prevent the unwanted behavior. We have been advised to keep Jake on leash when I know my husband is coming home and prevent him from jumping. Work on rewarding when he makes a good decision and doesn't jump. You will likely have to reward at a high rate in the beginning.

Another thing our trainer recommended is confining Jake to an area of the house and do not allow him to come and say hello until he has calmed. I find this method easier. I block off both entrances to the kitchen and keep Jake confined in there. When my husband gets home, I have started with click/treat when Jake settles and sits. We are only on day 3 and haven't seen much progress yet, but it takes practice, practice and more practice especially when they are so excited.

Here is a series of youtube videos our trainer referred us to that provides a visual.

Jumping to greet: a series of videos






- Jake (DOB 1/25/2012)
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