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I have a 6 month old, male (unaltered), GSD that I got about 4 days ago. The first day I got him, he was nervous and adjusting with my husky/GSD mix, and ever since he got comfortable, he WILL NOT STOP JUMPING on EVERYONE!!! Ive tried to knee thing, where you put your knee up as they jump, but he just knocks me off balance. I've tried treating him when all four paws are on the ground, but then he just thinks that if he jumps up, then gets down, that he'll get a treat. Help, someone, please? :/ I have a mother that just had spinal surgery who would love to see him, and an 11 year old sister who is terrified of big dogs because of a past biting experience with a pitbull, and I really want her to meet him as well. Any advice is welcome!
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