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Hello I have a new baby!

Hey guys from Buffalo NY!
Long time German Shepherd admirer here, and just 3 weeks ago, I got my first dog!

He is a three month old, male purebred German Shepherd whom I named Apollo!
Already, he's pretty much become my world <3 I love him to pieces! He's just got such a great temperament, loves all people and animals, is pretty gentle and very talkative! lol

He's black and tan, but I've noticed some ticking starting along his back, but I've also noticed, he has a lot of dandruff and dry skin (his armpits are pretty red) He doesn't act any different, and certainly not like it's bothering him...but does anyone have any tips and what I could do for this? We've given him an oatmeal bath and I brush him regularly. (he's losing the baby coat)


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