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Unhappy Fleas!!!

Ok, for the last several months Ace has been dealing with fleas. I give him Frontline Plus once a month and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've bought three different type of expensive shampoos for fleas and that doesn't work. I've used Capstar and that doesn't work. I started using Advantage in between the Frontline dosages and that doesn't work. I even bough this special dome light to attract fleas, which hardly works, but catch 8 fleas within a month. I have taking him to the vet twice, the first time back in Aug I was told it was just allergies. I was given meds and a shampoo for it. None of it worked. Sept I had taken him to another vet for a checkup and she found a flea. That's when it was determined he may have a flea issues. I am at a lost on what to do now. I can only imagine the issue may be in my backyard. I'm very frustrated and looking for any type of suggestions that can help
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