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GS Day Housing- new member coming from Africa

Hey everybody!
My husband and I may have the opportunity to add a 10 month old GS to our lives.
We currently have two dogs who roam freely in our tiny house during the day.
I had a GS growing up, and given the fact that she ate everything in sight when she was younger, I seriously doubt that it would ever be a good idea to leave our potential new puppy alone in the house.
We have a lot of space in our garage since we never actually park our cars in there, so I was thinking that we could put up a kennel for this guy to stay in during the day while we're gone. He'd have potty breaks and play breaks at lunch so I'm really not worried about him being in a kennel in general, but I'm concerned with him being cold during the day. We live in NC and at the coldest it is about 25 degrees outside during the day. If we set up a dog house with blankets and good insulation, would this be too cold for him? Does anybody have suggestions for dog houses? He would sleep inside with us at night.

I'm also concerned that he won't have developed a thick enough coat. He'd be coming from Africa (don't worry, it isn't a scam!) and it never gets as cold in Ethiopia as it does here. Is he going to freeze this winter? What could we do for him?

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