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Please critique my Kennel Design

Hello fellow Forum members,

I'm brand new to the board. I've never owned a GSD but served with a few of them in Iraq; they literally saved our butts more than once detecting explosives and intruders.

I'm considering buying one or two. My parents are finishing their retirement home (South America) on a few hilly acres in the countryside - 1,500 m.a.s.l., temperature ranges from the upper 50's to the mid 70's year round, with heavy rains in April and October.

They will be moving there in the near future and I'm a little concerned about security (down there is illegal for a law abiding citizen to own a weapon). I think a couple of fine GSDs will deter most intruders. Both my parents are in their late 50's in great health and physical condition, so I think they will be able to take care of the dogs.

I designed the attached kennel (first time I do this) with the following materials in mind:

-concrete slab
-floor tile (so it can be desinfected periodically)
-cinder blocks covered with cement and painted
-chain link fence
-wood posts
-tile roof

The dimensions are in meters:

Length= 4m
Width= 2 m

It will house 2 adult GSDs. Labor + Materials is going to be around $750; a bargain considering I spent $189 for my Bulldog's Igloo house.

I would really appreciate any feedback you may provide.

Thank you very much,

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