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Question Why my GSD died.

= On 16.10.12, I brought my GSD "Ranger", 5 months old & weight 16 kgs ( 35 lbs). Since then he is on Royal Canin.
= On 18.10.12 vet gave him 2 deworming tablets and three vaccines
1. canine distemper Adenovirus type-2 Parainfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine
2. Leptoferm C-I ( Leptospira canicola lcterohaemorrhagiae Bacterin)
3. Canine Coronavirus Vaccine.
= As Ranger was underweight and anemic, vet advised him Dexorange and 3-4 times feeding. Within 15 days Ranger gained 4-5 kgs and started looking better.
= On 9.11.12 Ranger started limping one of his hind leg but within two days he was normal but started limping one of his front leg. My vet said Ranger might have injured it with chain or while playing.
= On 12.11.12, vet gave the booster dose of same 3 vaccines.
= On 20.11.12, Ranger stopped eating. I changed the food brand & tried chicken rice also but no use. So I started feeding him with syringe and he took it. Meanwhile sometimes he was eating of his own and sometimes not.
= On 27.11.12, 2 deworming tablets given.
= On 29.11.12, I called Vet and he observed that Ranger is suffering from 104 C Fever. He said that Ranger must be suffering since few days thats why he is not eating regularly. Vet gave him few injections and DNS 5% iv 100ml. and prescribed terramycin 250 cap Bd for 3 days.
= Next day morning no fever &n Ranger ate of his own but stopped eating again.
= on 03.12.12, Ranger had fever again, Vet said its viral infection and gave him few injections and DNS 5% iv100ml. for consecutive 3 days. Rangers paws and thyroid glands showed some swelling. Vet said it it may be due to fever & antibiotics and will be normal shortly.
= On 04.12.12, all his legs are swollen & he is not able to walk.
= today on 06.12.12, I fed him but he vomited it out after some time. He looks very pale, weak and shedding a lot.
= Unfortunately ranger is no more with us. It is very painful and embarassing .
= Vet seems to be clueless.
= Please guide and share your views which will help me in future.
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