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Disgusting result in failed recall

I have been able to brag about Ky having 100% recall in EVERY situation. I've been able to call her off squirrels, deer, the cat, anything. I've even been able to have her come back MID chase.

I am very proud of her for this (and yes, a pat on my back too!)

Last night she failed me in the MOST disgusting way ever. It was humiliating for me, but a VERY proud moment for her.

I was scooping out the cat's litterbox and the phone rang. Seriously, what WAS I thinking to not call her out of the room with me, and I didn't even notice that she didn't follow me the 10 steps to the phone ... which she ALWAYS does ... when's the last time your dog didn't follow you?


I answered the phone turned around (almost puked right then and there) and called her to me. I'm walking towards her saying LEAVE IT ... NOPE, ear didn't even twitch, but she looked back and started INHALING another poop before I got there.

I am such a failure as a dog owner LOL ... my dog prefers cat poop over me!!! AAAHHH the humiliation

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