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Considering a GSD from Rescue

Well, I said I would post it in my intro post, so here goes....

I am considering adopting a dog in a few months, and I am strongly considering a GSD or a Black Lab.

First, about me:
I am currently single, and will be turning 33 next month. No kids, No plans for them either. My career is a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, which provides an 8 to 12 hr shift, (12 hrs only if I get ordered Overtime). My schedule is 4 days on and 2 days off primarily on the afternoon shift. I plan on moving to a Large 1 bedroom (800 sq ft) in a decent sized complex that allows large dogs.

I'll admit, I have zero experience with the GSD. My parents did adopt a GSD for 2 days from a humane society, but returned him because he bit my cousin. From the research I've done here, and on some rescue sites, my parents and even I (8th grade) didnt prepare for or research the breed properly.

A short time later, we ended up adopting a Black lab, so I do have basic experience with labs. This would be a slight lifestyle change for me, since it would be the first dog of "my own"!

Whats my Game plan with the lucky dog?
There is a dog park thats less than a 5 minute drive away, so there would be frequent if not daily visits to the park for an hour or more before I leave for work. Until they are settled in and I trust them being home alone, they would be crated while I'm at work. When I get home from work, we'd likely go for a walk together. Im sure there would be times to visit and play with other dogs in the family as well. I also plan on some basic obedience classes and such.

What am I looking for in a dog?
I definitely don't think I currently have the time for a puppy, so I'm thinking a dog that's 2 to 5 years old. I don't have any plans to do "work" (Tracking, herding, Protection) with them, but I would like to do basic obedience with them, and create a happy, loyal and loved family member!

I currently have a vet picked out, and have been drooling over both breeds on petfinder!

Your input and advice is appreciated!
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