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Wow Bear, this is shaping up to be a cool Thread. I never thought of snakes, but that is only because on the few times in ten years my GSDs baled one up, (Australian for rounding up, holding/containing one up) they just danced all around barking at it instinctively staying out of range. Snakes here in Oz are about the worst in the world, but both my GSDs just danced around out range barking. Maybe that is because of the way I reacted as they do not "go Bush" without me.. I was Yelling / Screaming in terror BACK, BACK that means get back out of the way. Maybe it was instinctive on their part or just my extreme reaction. On foot or on a horse, I would go bezerk if they baled up a snake.. So they stayed out of range..

Good thought for an e-collar though, if someone had a dog that wanted to attack the snake.. They are deadlier than Cobras here... Mind you, very few deaths, maybe less than Shark attacks, which is also very rare..

Good Thought there Bear..
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