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Originally Posted by Sunflowers View Post
OH my gosh! Is this the dog in the dirt?

I have been waiting for an update! She looks great! Also looks much more slender than in the pic.

Can you tell us how it went on the drive, how she reacted to being in the house? The pic of her snoozing in comfort is priceless.
She looks so happy, and thank you and bless you for getting her out of there.
I kinda got banned for running my mouth... LOL! I had a pickup with a camper shell, crates in the back. We still had 2 days of bmx racing to do after we picked her up, we stayed at a hotel, she has very nice manners for the most part, just a little rough when happy ... she rode calmly. She jumped right up into the crate and layed down. It was a little touchy with her and Axel arguing when I let them out together, so we rotated. They are getting along fine now. She maybe has a few extra pounds on her, it was just a bad pic. She was being fed, for sure. Inside has gone well, she wants to "Go" outside = housebroken. The only really wierd thing, I have a consoles TV... 1st time I left her loose inside with Axel, I came home and everything was knocked off. I set a camera on it...she jumps on top of it to see out the window... LOL! She is happy and thankful for sure. She did get loose here once... totally ignored me with treats calling her but didn't leave... just ran around like a maniac and came back inside.
The funniest thing was the bone.. I bought knuckle bones. Gave her one in the crate when I went to work. She was chewing on it when I got home 4 hours later.. didn't think much of it. Let her out to potty. She never put it down. She peed, pooped, never putting down the bone. I think she hadn't had a treat like that in a while. 2 more hours in the house with it, she came over and started licking me and pouncing all over me She is loved, and vice versa
at the hotel:
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