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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
you can train your dog not to step off the curb without an
e-collar. you can train your dog not to eat off the ground
or out of a strangers hand without an e-collar.
Best GSD I saw as a kid, had bait thrown in the yard (we think).. What a terrible tragedy. I am not sure how to train a dog left alone in a yard, maybe bored, not to eventually eat nice tasty treat when you are not around, except by e-collar.. If he learns it will BITE THE HECK out of him, he instinctively will ignore it..

Secondly, maybe stepping off a curb with me, that is ok, but again not sure how you would get them watching out in a transport type situation for moving vehicles or forklifts headed their direction. When they are alone, off a lead, it is easy for them to just not be wary unless they have been BITTEN by vehicles..

Yes I am guilty, but the e-collar was short and effective for both. Not meaning to argue here, just looking for an effective alternative to both... If it exists, I do not know it, hence why I have posted...
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