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Exclamation 70 Days Old GS Training: Our Expectations and Our Success

Hello there fellow members!
I have a 80 Days old (as of today 06 Dec 2012) GS Dog(female). She is very active an good at learning commands. I live in a remote area so I can't attent any classes and training her the I can. Here is what I expect from her and what we have accomplished:
1. Clicker training & clicker attention.

2. Potty

3. Come, Sit, Stay.

4. Leash walk around my house.
60 % Success I think.

Now I am listing what I can't figure out how to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1. She is too afraid of other street dogs (yes we have them here).
2. She is afraid of strangers, I tried some conventional methods like having strangers give her treats or letting them pet her but he is always afraid and runs for her crate. Help Needed
I wanna train her to be an alert guard. Any help?
4. Any help for protection training.

I know it is quite much to expect from her but hey GS are brilliant dogs and I have enough time to spend with her and train her.
Hope you guys will help me with this.
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