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Legitimate use of Shock Collars? My experience..

Hello Friends, this comes from Oz (Australia). This is a bit of help, either for you or correction for me, but based on personal experience. I don't even know if they are legal in America, there is a lot of backlash on their use, but I have found them legitimate in a few areas. NOTE, before you fire up at me I am against them but have found them a life saver for a few areas. I want to trend toward a confident well socialized but somewhat personal protection dog. I am afraid it might harm the confidence using it on a 1-2 year old puppy, so I am not likely to use it. Please tell me the alternatives to what I describe..

Starting with horses, I had to paddock four together a long time ago not on my own property, and one was fat and a bully. He would go through electric fence tape. I could not isolate him. He would go to his own hay, stretch waaay out and pee all over it, then go beat up on someone else to steal their hay. Afterward, he would go (disgusting) and eat is pi$$ed on hay. Solution was my first experiment with shock collars. After he wore it for a few days and forgot about it: When he would go to bully others, he got a blast, (remote viewing shock collar), and it soon ended his aggression. It only took a few reminders once or twice a year and he was cured, a great trail horse, just cured of being a bully for food. It was as if he learned that other horses packed a punch and when he wheeled around to kick them something BIT THE HECK OUT OF HIM.. I also have had limited success with cribbing and wind sucking, but it takes too much patience watching. They soon learn that activity comes with an uncomfortable JOLT and they will change their behavior. Again, limited, very limited use and application.

Now with Dogs, I am too far away for you to throw rocks at me.. heh he.. It is not a training tool, not to be used very often, except to save the dogs life. One legitimate use I have found IMO is at work, truck and transport and forklifts, when they are laying down in the way and a vehicle comes within about a Metre, if they get a JOLT they soon learn cars BITE. I even baited them up stepping off a curb and when a car came within about a meter, something BIT THE HECK OUT OF THEM.. Now I have not had much success in getting them to look for cars any other way. Maybe I lacked skill or patience, OK... This worked right away, they simply learned vehicles could BITE THE HECK OUT OF THEM.. Maybe only six sessions over a week and a reminder once a month for a couple of months, and their behavior was changed as it was a hazard to them Laying around, they soon learned to get up and out of the way if ANY vehicle was moving in their direction.

And the same for stepping off a curb, right away when they learned cars BITE, they would look both directions before crossing the road, and not step out in front of traffic.

Please tell me a better way to train them to stay out of the way of vehicle??? I lost a dog as a kid, only an instant off a lead, he was distracted and ran out in front of a truck without looking before I could react.

The other application was against poison bait. I would put a variety of burger, sausage, bacon at different times. Dog out, go for it, get a mild jolt, and would actually drop it out of his mouth. It only took a few times and his reaction to bait was to alert bark at it, at about a metre, until I came out to collect it and praise him, take him in the house and give him another type of treat. Again this could take a reminder once or twice a year...

Tell me a better way? I do not want to use the shock collar any more, as I am convinced it could have harmful side effects. These are two areas I feel the shock collar could SAVE the dogs life.

I wait for your answers with an open mind.... Car training, and bait training, I have not had much success without the shock collar. Maybe I am just not patient or expecting too much too soon.. I have a new GSD pup coming in mid January and want to get it right...

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