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whats wrong with my pup

JUST RESCUED !! have a gsd puppy maybe 10 weeks old female. she was extreme malnourished. ears caked with dirt and grime. took her home and bathed her and took her to emergancy clinic to get checked out. puppy has severe hookworms. ears checked out fine once cleaned out , heart and lungs fine. but i have notices she almost uses her nose and ears more then eyes ! she doesnt respond to eye test of moving hand close to her face she should pull back but she just sits there. she is very smart puppy she almost has crate training down and she already learned her name and sit in the 4 days i have had her. she has had 24 hr care since she has been in my care.
Q: is she blind ? or having trouble seeing is that why she acts hyper with her movements ? and besides cotton ball test or hand test how can i check her eye sight? is it fixible?
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