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not sure whether or not I should see a vet

It certainly isn't an emergency.

All day today, at various times, I have noticed small amounts of goopy stuff in the corner of Kylie's left eye. I didn't think anything of it this morning, but then I noticed there was more there a few hours later. It isn't actually IN her eye, it's just below the tear duct outside of the eye.

Every couple of hours, enough gathers for me to notice again.

Is this worth going to vet for? I figured I'd wait until tomorrow afternoon (I teach on Thursday mornings) and go in at that time if it seemed like it was getting worse or on Friday morning if it was no worse, but was still there.

She is losing teeth pretty quickly. She spits some of them out, so I actually have 4 of her puppy teeth, all from this past week. She is 5 months old now.
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