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Defiant little boy!

Hello, I have a 7 week old German Shepherd puppy named Maksim.
I got him when he was 5 weeks old, far too early I know but that is a different story entirely. At first he was a calm sweet little boy who cuddled with me and needed me with him just to go to sleep, which I assume was because he was so young and missed his mother. He would even let me cradle him like an infant, I didn't think he had a dominant bone in his body BOY WAS I WRONG. About two weeks ago everything started to change at first he was just a little more rambunctious and rowdy which I associated with him stepping into the "toddler" stage. Now he bites me all the time, not just mouthing, but actual biting, when I try to play, when I walk, when i try to teach him something, all the time! If i try to put him on his back he fights and acts like I'm trying to kill him. He defies me. He thinks he is the alpha and nothing I do seems to help. When he bites, I get up and ignore him, I always make sure to walk through doors and into rooms first, I never loss a stare down with him, I am doing everything I know to assert my dominance without being to aggressive. I feel like he hates me and that upsets me. This isn't my first rodeo training puppies, it is though my first time training a German Shepherd. I feel like his behavior is MY fault and that I am not doing something right for him.
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