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I am a new member. I have had a personal protection trained GSD, Madison, since 1999. With a small child I preferred that over owning a gun. Even though I purchased Madison for utilitarian purposes she became a major part of our family. She was "my" dog and always glued to me.

With her passing two weeks ago, I was left with an empty feeling. I have three children now and a full life - it's hard to explain. That being said, I decided to purchase another GSD. Madison was plush, 60 LBS, tan and I decided on Reagan, short-hair, 55 LBS @ 11 months. Reagan is obedience trained.

That being said, SHE ROCKS.

Reagan has been home with us for three days now. We have 4 other dogs..3 are little and one is a lab my son wanted after Madison died.

So while I'm new here I'm not new to the GSD. I will say though, now that I am older, I would like to take a more active role with my dog. everything I can with her.

I have a couple of issues I'd like to talk about in another more appropriate forum, but wanted to say hi, and give some background on me. I've read TONS of posts already and feel like I know several of the regular posters.

I look forward to meeting more officially as I become more active on the board.

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