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How do I enforce a down, with a ramped up dog on a send away?

that is what I mean exactly -- to get the ball she is ramped up , so you train her to wait until you release her - only then can she go .
French ring campagne training has call offs. You do not even know what judge is going to tell you. He may ask for you to send the dog , who needs to go out with convincing speed. The judge may want your dog to connect -- or he may test you and ask the dog to be called off . If you call off too soon , not in that zone of higest conflict (for the dog who is oh so close) then points against you , or if dog keeps on trucking and connects - against you. In other words the dog has to be controllable under maximum temptation - same thing with police service dogs - they need to be recalled - everytime they are sent does not guarantee a bite.
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