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Originally Posted by robk View Post
I always make the dog wait to retrieve after I throw. Some times I'll call back or platz the dog during the send a way.
Can you elaborate how you train the dog to platz on the send away?

I'm currently training my dog for this - whether it's in the middle of a send away or just in the middle of something. She got it but I want to see how others train it because my training skills is lacking as i want her "downed" faster and more crisp. Right now it's more like... run run run, I yell down, she slows then downs slowly. It's getting better so may just be a matter of more training sessions. But if she's very close to her target (ie. stick), she will pick it up first before downing. How do you correct this if the dog is off leashed and far away from you? I've started ecollar so that helps with timing a lot but want to see if there are non-ecollar way to train this.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone have on this.

And to the topic - Kira has a very very sweet looking face.
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