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Consumer Credit Counseling Service Des Moines Iowa | Consumer Credit of Des Moines
This would be my first call - they may be able to help guide you through most of these things and if they can't, might know of the places you can get help that are reputable and not trying to take your money to help you.
About Us | Consumer Credit of Des Moines

List of resources for small business owners:
Des Moines District Office Resources |

I don't think self-employed get unemployment? I don't know about that exactly. (ETA - you answered that)

Iowa Department of Human Services

But I would start with the first place and see what they can do to help. I am really sorry that this is happening. I hope for the best for you.

Also - weird thought - the talk is that there are tons of jobs in North Dakota is it? Not maybe the best of options but something I've heard about.
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