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Am I crazy?

I am the owner of a fear aggressive puppy that I bought at 14 weeks. He is now just shy of 10 months old and has bitten my 23 year old stepdaughter. We were told the dog was well socialized, but after communicating with the breeder shortly after purchasing him( within a month) it turns out he was not. It's a complicated situation but after working with 2 different trainers, a behaviorist and constant obedience training since we brought him home, we have decided he needs to be rehomed.

I have made the breeder aware of all these issues since we got him. She has told me that she sold his mom because my dog and another puppy had these issues although she claims the other puppy has recovered enough to adapt to family life. My beautiful boy has not and with my two children( ages 10&12- old enough to follow the rules and he has been great with them) having friends in and out of the house all the time-I can't keep everyone safe all the time. He is unpredictable with his aggression-he can seem to be ok with a person then several minutes lunge bark and snap. And now he has bitten.

I have asked the breeder I take him back and I would like a replacement puppy. I feel that she misrepresented him as being well socialized-I knew the importance of this in any dogs but shepherds especially- and that this is a genetic issue that although they didn't plan on it happening. My dog just got all the worst traits from his parents. They have refused so far to do this.

Am I wrong in feeling they should? My contract states that I have a 5 yr health guarantee that covers genetic issues that prevent the dog from living a normal life. I believe this qualifies. She has offered me another puppy at half price. I paid 2000.00 for him. Am I wrong to think she is responsible for doing more? Now I am trying to search for a good home for him, the behaviorist tells me he would fail any temperment test at a shelter. I couldn't drop him at a shelter anyway. I do love him but I can't manage his issues. I would love some feedback on whether I'm asking for too much and if anyone has had an experience with this. I have spoken to an attorney and he does believe I have a case but I hate to go that route. The dog was purchased to be a running partner for me as we'll as a family pet. His issues with both dogs and people will likely prevent that from ever happening.
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