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Thanks for the welcome. I'll need to look up to see how to post pics here, and where, then I'll definitely post some.
Like any proud pet owner I loooove to show off my babies!

By the way, I have a total of 9, yup, you read it right, NINE in my pack. That is of course not counting the other 80+ rescue dogs. I live on a rescue ranch and we have dogs, horses, cows, goats, rabbits, chickens, etc....

Warning up front: If I don't post much, or reply to/comment on other posts it is NOT because I don't care, or not paying attention, etc, it's simply because I do have my hands full with a F/T job and the ranch work and am always short on time or distracted by work. However, I do try to log in and at least read what's going on and look at pics. I truly enjoy seeing pics of other GSD's.
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